My response to a stranger who told me I had “good hair”

I really thought we were done with this “good hair” stuff but well here we go again.  Im at work just walking to clock in as usual and I hear someone say “look at all that hair girl” lol this was someone I kind of know but not really. “My response ,” yeah its thick” And yes my hair is very thick and my ponytail was in a big spiraly curly puff. Her response was “but you got good hair tho” The look I had on my face went from a smile to more perplexed and my response was also perplexed..”umm no its cool i know its thick” I really didnt know what to say. I was kind of caught off guard being that i am at work rushing to clock in.  I guess there is still this stigma of good hair when people see certain curl types or wavy hair, nonsense! I wish it would stop! lol sheesh. The other thing about her response was when I told her it was thick she responded “BUT you have good hair though.” So does that mean that thick hair alone without any curl definition is not good??

The more tragic thing is that if I didnt have product in my hair my curls wouldn’t of been that defined so I’m almost positive that I wouldnt of got that same response- But anyway I think this is funny and still an unfortunate aspect of our culture -black american and african culture alike. I wonder if our Caucasian ,Asian, or other races with straight or less defined textures have these issues?

Hmmm what ya’ll think?





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