I like my everyday shea conditioner but..I felt it needed a little kick to penetrate through all this coarse hair I have! So I added honey, olive oil, coconut oil as a prepoo and used it after I shampooed and my hair and my hair was super soft and so much easier to detangle. So I want to share it with you, hope you like it!

Peep the pic of my hair blown out on the left and the beautiful Marsha Hunt on the right.

photo of my 4c marsha hunt

This is also good for women with dry brittle hair,color treated hair, and hair that has been damaged by any chemical processing.


Coconut oil is a must in just about every hair regime. It is known to aide in the re-growth of damaged hair because it is rich in proteins that provide nourishment which is especially necessary for unhealthy hair or hair heavily treated with chemicals eg; color treated, color damaged, or relaxer damged hair. Ultimately coconut oil has huge benefits not just for your hair but your skin, immune system, great for cooking oil, and essential for weight loss! 

Honey is great for retaining moisture and is a natural humectant which attracts moisture to dry strands and is particularly helpful to people living in humid climates. Add this to control frizz.

Olive Oil  I have been using this since I was a lil girl as the go to moisturizer. So super easy to penetrate the hair shaft due to its light nature and essential for fighting dandruff. It is especially effective when warmed up or used as a hot oil treatment.

With these ingredients added to your conditioner you’ve got yourself the ultimate deep conditioner.

The Concoction

photo 1

  1. Two tablespoons of honey

2.  Two tablespoons of olive oil

3. 1 scoop of pure unrefined coconut oil

4.Plastic cap and hairdryer. Also I highly recommend using a microwavable deep conditioning cap, This way you don’t have to sit in one spot while your hair conditions! YES!

conditioning cap


I have my coconut oil on the left in a seperate bowl to melt it a little and my conditioner on the right.

photo 5 picsphoto 3(1)


Then add the Honey and Olive Oil.

photo 3

photo 2

Warm in microwave for about 15-20 seconds then mix and you’re done!

photo 4

 Hope you try it and Love It! Let me know how it turns out!





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