HOw to make Virgin Hair Extensions Last!

Virgin Extensions can last up to a whole year if maintained properly.

Here are some Fabulous tips for maintaining virgin hair extensions!

Doubled Wefted Hair

double wefted

The most important tip of all for Virgin Hair.Double wefted hair is a must, as this reduces Tangling.

Make sure to Seal Your Wefts


Sealing the wefts meaning the hair track where the hair is sewn into erradicates shedding all together. Some stylist don’t think its neccessary as the minimal shedding from double wefted hair is tolerable,others-swear by it.  No more shedding?The extra $5 wouldnt hurt.

 Use only alcohol free products on the hair.

Non_Isopropyl_alcohol01 (1)

The same rule applies for natural hair! Isopropyl alcohol is one of the few drying agents found in some products that causes the product to evaporate quickly-not good. here are a list of other drying alcohols.

Alcohol denat,

Ethanol, SD

alcohol 40, Propanol,  and Propyl.

However, not all alcohol is bad, there is what is called “long chain fatty alcohols” that is good for the hair because it gives shampoo/conditioner its creamy consistency. Here are the most common .

  • Cetyl Alcohol
  • Stearyl Alcohol.

Watch The Heat!

curly girl cartoon

 Use a heat protectant, and make sure to use it on low settings and not as frequent as you would your own hair.

We often think that since this is not our real hair that we can put as much heat on it as we want..NO. Newsflash IT IS your REAL hair! It may not be growing out your head but this is actual virgin human hair and it is possible for it to break and dry out just like your own hair. Use a heat protectant and take care of it as you would your own! Virgin hair is too expensive to ruin.

Deep Condition and Do not Overbrush Wet Hair!


You’ve shampooed and deep conditioned and now your hair is silky, smooth and manageable after you wash and detangled, so you can’t help but to brush and brush….and brush, and..just STOP! LOL! Remember, when your hair is wet it is at its most fragile state, so once you’ve done the detangling you’re ready to move on. We make the classic mistake of getting wrapped up in how it feels that we can’t stop pulling and brushing, just stop once the tangles are out, the same with your real hair!


denman brush

Most of us in the natural hair community or very familar with these brushes..but many women with thick hair find denman brushes make detangling alot easier.

photoshop_image_00 (1)

Also try towel drying with a turban like towel made out of micro fiber they go by alot of names on the market. What it does is it soaks up all the water so you use less heat when blow drying. Perfect for maintaining the life of the hair.

I know this already!

no chlorine

Chlorine and salt water are NO’s No’s. Let me tell it! On my honeymoon in Punta Cana  I had beautiful brazillian extenstions which were dyed blond ,they were salt water filled almost everyday. Between the sun, the salt water, and salvaging my natural hair that was left out at the top of my head, by the end of  our honeymoon, my hair was fried. My stylist had all types of words for me when i sat in her chair a week after lol. But hey it was my honeymoon! But seriously chlorine and salt water is a NO No you either need to a swim cap or wash hair immediately after. Some say dont get in the water at all but I’ve never been one to sacrifice fun for my hair just wash it and enjoy yourself!

And Please (we all should know this one) WRAP HAIR BEFORE BED!


Don’t Laugh lol

This are just a few things that we can do to maintain our hair!

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