Foods that keep you beautiful!

Beautiful manageable hair, flawless skin, and a sexy curvy physique is what most of us(lets face it all of us! lol) are after these days.  But drinking water, working out, and avoiding greasy foods are not going to cut it. You need to eat foods that are going to do stuff for you lol. There are many, but I’ve compiled a list of a few.

Below is a list of some of these delicious healthy foods!



A MUST HAVE IN ANY DIET.was ranked number one in antioxidant activity by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Skin-helps protect from premature aging. Some people use it to make a face mask.

Hair-Rich in vitamin C and helps feed hair follicles

Body-Helps Extremely rich in fiber and full of water…causing you to stay fuller longer. Blue berries also  fight bloating, promotes healthy digestion and a healthy heart, AND fights and prevents cancer! Yeah…These will be eaten everyday!



A must have in weight loss! Super rich in fiber!

Skin, -Also rich in vitamin C, helps prevent skin cancer

Body- Packed with vitamins and fiber (so great for the bathroom:) Also has particularly high levels of antioxidants and helps lower your blood pressure.



Tons of benefits from preventing diabetes to reducing risk of heart disease, this one should be taken into consideration.

Skin-Packed with vitamin E, Defends against sun damage.

hair-Eat these regularly, Almonds are rich in vitamin E and magnesium which is essential for hair growth. Its recommended to eat at least 1/4th of a cup a day to promote long healthy hair.

Body- Outstanding for any diet or just a snack mixed with raisins or berries. If eaten on a regular basis, they helps prevent weight gain-AGAIN lol Helps PREVENT weight gain! lol had to say that twice!



Extrememly important fruit!Eat an apple everyday…NO EXCUSES!

Skin- Has antioxidants in the peel that protects against sun damage.

Hair-Can potentially promote hair growth if eaten once or twice daily due to its richness and antioxidants and richness in other nutrients.

Body- Its true what they say about an apple a day! Between this and blueberries, has to be hands down the healthiest fruit on this earth. Apples make you feel fuller longer so they can supplement as a great snack. Can be used to fight everything from cancer, even preventing lung cancer, diabetes and heart disease.Very rich in fiber so it promotes healthy digestion and combats constipation and water weight gain-(both can be a huge roadblock in any diet) Eat apples and blueberries if you’re having problems using the bathroom.



not just great for your eyes but does wonders for preventing diseases and promotes healthy digestion.

skin-Filled with vitamin A which can help prevent the overproduction of skin cells helping to prevent skin cancer. It also helps with clogged pores.

Hair- Carrots can be juiced and combined with various oils such as olive oil and vitamin E oil as a great conditioner. However for best results yo may want to start juicing carrots according to several sources can prevent hair loss and dryness.

Body- This dense vegetable does wonders for your body. It is also best known as with most fruits and veggies rich in fiber to promote bowel regularity and it keeps you fuller longer.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

The EXACT Brand and jar that I own and always purchase! It works great!


Considered a superfood, coconut oil has too many benefits to name.

Skin- provides sun protection, Softens and condition skin, and fights bacteria- great at preventing breakouts!

Hair-This is a must have in your hair regime! I have used it as  hair conditioner mixed in with my regular conditioner and the results are amazing! Some studies have  shown coconut oil as having the ability to absorb deeply into the hair shaft preventing breakage, repairing and conditioning the hair. If you have dry, thick, curly, coarse hair, its imperative that you use this everytime you condition your hair, I would say it is required. I certainly dont need a study to tell me that!

Body- Supposedly, according to several sources cooking with coconut oil and even taking a spoonful a day can help promote weight loss.  coconut oil specifically virgin coconut oil, can help increase the body’s metabolic rate by removing stress on the pancreas allowing you to burn more energy thus helping you lose weight quicker. Coconut oil is more commonly used as a cooking regime on tropical islands, which is why you rarely see overweight or obese people in tropical places.



An essential vegetable for your overall health.

Skin-Rich in folate which can reduce the risk of skin cancer and like most green leafy vegetables, rich in vitamin k which can prevent varicose veins.

Hair-High in vitamin A, which helps produce sebum—a scalp oil that works as a natural hair conditioner. Eat more green veggies to help with dry hair.

Body- A must have in your diet period! The list of benefits is as follows: high in fiber and water to promote regularity, promotes bone health,helps prevent cancer, lowers blood pressure, and has a high iron content to help your body use energy.

These are among the many healthy foods that will keep your Hair, Skin, and body in check. You may want to also consider throwing your fruits in veggies in a blender of juicer as the cells in your body will absorb it quicker.

Hope you found this post helpful 😉


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