Is waist training…a waste of time???

Do you own a waist cincher ? try it out or would it be a waist of time and money.

Waist Cincher PROS and CONS:


First Off:


I tried it for the first time and got the “workout waist cincher” and it made the workout very difficult. The other problem was it made it impossible for me to use my core muscles to perform the workout correctly which pretty much defeated the purpose. I couldnt do crunches,blurpees, no twist and turns at all.For most of us…Our core is the main part of the body we are trying to tone and if you can’t even move it then a waist cincher comes as a hindrance in that respect. The bottom line is waist cinchers work well to compress your stomach and shrink your waist line(you must drink a crap load of water and eat right!) it has defintley has helped shape my waistline but I dont care what these waist cincher companies say I’m not working out in that thing No.

CONS- Does not burn fat only the good o’l working out,8-10 glasses a water day, and gobs of fruits and veggies, sorry ladies this may not be trendy but exercise and eating healthy is the only way to permanently lose fat.

PROS-gives you an hourglass shape when worn underclothes.


CONS- can cause breathing problems when worn for prolong periods of time. Make sure you purchase a cincher that stretches.


-EXAMPLE-wearing overnight while sleeping, or allday at work. However there are multiple variables-type of material,tightness and adjustment(some stretch allowing you to breath normally), I have worn mine everyday to work with a slight discomfort but it wasn’t a big deal to me.There are sooo many types with different sizes its hard to group them all together even though they generally do the same thing. Maybe more research is needed.

PROS- The compression makes your butt appear plumper. 😉


The compression fom the waist cincher presses down on your lower back so the top of you butt have no choice but to go outwards.Ummm I dont know about you but this is cool with me! lol. Some may think its a con but they’re not waist training. I dont know too many…well really any women who would have a problem with that!

CONS.-Depending on your body type or If you dont purchase the rigfht one, cinchers has the tendency to redistribute fat, and not necessarily where you want it. While you waist may appear smaller the fat could redistribute on your hips causing a muffin top.

PROS-you will lose inches…BUT without a consistent healthy diet, exercising, lots of water all the stuff we dont wanna hear, its gonna come RIGHT back!

Peep this I read an article on waist training and the comments responding to the article surprised me.


CONS-dont expect spot reduction to work using these, ask any doctor or fitness consultant, spot reduction does not work. waist cinchers are another tool used to shape your figure it does not help you lose weight in a  specific area of your body.

PROS-It corrects your posture. Cinchers help if you are a sloucher or have problems with your back.

PROS AND CON’S-Ok Ive seen the bad and good reviews on waist cinchers. The bad mostly from doctors and bloggers with medical backgrounds some state that training for long periods can actually weaken your core muscles.

The good-from the women who have and or currently waist training. Particularly which is the top selling waist cincher site to date. There has been a long line of youtubers, bloggers, all kinds of testimonials about these waist cinchers.



Trust me I’m no fool, I know some of these companies pay people off to review them, delete negative comments, fake reviewers(from paid off people overseas who never even heard of the product). But this one…hmmm has quite the loyal fan base and there may be negative reviews out there but I havent seen one yet.

So if you are thinking of waist training, I hope I’ve been of some help.  I am very intrigue by waist cinchers but I do recommend doing your own research.

Will waist training work for you or has it? Do Tell!

The Good and Bad Guys:

Source: HealthTap,

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